Connecting the dots between gratitude and giving

Why GRATITUDESproject?

At GRATITUDESproject, we strive to create better communities and living conditions for people from all walks of life. Whether focused on children’s health, surviving diseases such as cancer, or helping women achieve better lives through selling handmade goods, we focus on building relationships with local and national foundations and commit time and resources to these important causes.

Gratitude for all we have been blessed with is a core value of our business. We believe in its power so much so that we created GRATITUDESproject, the charitable arm of our culture engineering firm.

Our mission is to promote the good being done by non-profits around the world. That’s why we have partnered with groups such as Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the Aruna Project, Make a Wish, the Georgia Alliance for Breast Cancer, and others. 

Through our 501(c)(3) non-profit, GRATITUDESheart, we share up to 25% of our profits from sales of products like our customized gnomes with non-profit organizations, including those that focus on empowering and supporting those in need, such as women warriors facing cancer.

We invite you to join us on this important mission. Learn more about our partners and products on the pages of our website.

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Our Core Values

Here’s What LeeAnne Canecchio has to Say About Gratitude:

For me, gratitude is a mixture of a deep sense of appreciation for the people who have helped me grow, the opportunities I’ve been given, and for the acknowledgment of the lessons learned from challenges and difficulties. Gratitude amplifies my outlook on life and leads me to the silver lining in all of my experiences – yes, all of them. It’s hard work sometimes, but it’s always rewarding.”

If you are interested in fundraising opportunities utilizing the Gnomes, please reach out!